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Elbow Injuries Phoenix

OrthoArizona Can Assist With Any Rotator Cuff Or
Elbow Injuries Phoenix Athletes May Suffer

OrthoArizona provides a personalized recovery plan after any elbow injuries Phoenix athletes may suffer on, or off, the field. Dr. Shelden Martin is the Head Physician of the Arizona Rattlers and regularly deals with the rotator cuff injuries Phoenix’ professional athletes suffer. Dr. Martin develops personalized programs to overcome the elbow surgery Phoenix sports programs can require after an injury. After major elbow injuries Phoenix athletes and residents may require therapy or a full surgery. Dr. Martin works with the latest arthroplasty, reconstruction and transplant techniques to ensure that any elbow or rotator cuff surgery Phoenix athletes undergo is minimally invasive.


Extensive Experience

Dr. Martin and the OrthoArizona team have extensive experience and can handle any elbow injuries Phoenix athletes can throw at them. As the head physician for the Desert Vista High School athletics, Dr. Martin has repaired rotator cuff injuries Phoenix high school athletes have suffered. When undergoing a rotator cuff surgery Phoenix students are understandably nervous, but know they are in good hands with OrthoArizona and Dr. Martin. The same is true of the elbow surgery Phoenix athletes of all ages can require in the wake a physically taxing sport.

Several sports can cause elbow injuries Phoenix athletes will require some help with recovering. The rotator cuff injuries Phoenix students and student athletes endure often requires a careful touch. When they find themselves in need of any kind of rotator cuff surgery Phoenix athletes know they can trust Dr. Martin. After a rotator cup or elbow surgery Phoenix athletes can expect OrthoArizona to work with them to ensure a strong recovery. If you’re suffering from an elbow or rotator cuff injury.

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