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MAKOplasty Surgery in Phoenix

MAKOplasty is a form of partial knee or total hip arthroplasty, including replacement, remodel or realignment of the joint, where the procedure is done with a Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System (RIO).

Both the surgeon-operated RIO system and the MAKOplasty surgery were developed by the leading technology company, MAKO Surgical Corp.

The accuracy and precision of orthopedic surgery is greatly enhanced with the use of the RIO, due to its precise alignment and implant placement abilities.

MAKOplasty procedures begin with the creation of a three-dimensional model of the patient’s joint and the surrounding area, allowing surgeons to make a customized surgical plan for each individual. The implant size, positioning and alignment are specifically coordinated for every patient, and real-time visual and audio feedback are present during surgery, ensuring ideal joint placement or adjustment and reducing the possibility of complications.

The remarkable precision and accuracy of the RIO system and MAKOplasty procedure make it an incredible choice for patients seeking relief from knee or hip pain. Increased functionality of the joint after surgery and increased range of motion will allow patients to return to their daily lives, without the pain of joint damage.