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Review of Films


Did you just suffer an orthopedic injury and need X-rays, an MRI or a CT scan to see what exactly is wrong with you?

If you answered yes and need a second opinion when it comes to the treatment options recommended, Dr. Shelden Martin can help.

At no cost to the patient, Dr. Martin will review your X-rays, MRIs and CT scans. All you have to do is send your films in to him.

Dr. Martin recommends obtaining CDs of your images from the imaging center where you had the studies performed. However, printed hard copies are also accepted.

Please allow a five-day review period for the doctor to examine your films.

In order for Dr. Martin to return your films, include the necessary self-addressed envelope.

Send a copy of your films and your contact information  to this address:

Shelden Martin, MD
690 N. Cofco Center Ct
Suite 290
Phoenix, AZ  85008

Phone: 602-631-3161

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*We are not responsible for images lost in the mail, so please make sure you retain a copy for your records.