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Dealing With Orthopedic-Related Pain? Turn to Dr. Shelden Martin

Whether an orthopedic injury occurs on a sports field, hiking or at home, finding someone you can trust to treat your issue is a top priority. Dr. Shelden Martin has been that trusted physician giving patients a second chance to live life pain free. He is a board-certified, fellowship-trained Arizona orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at OrthoArizona.

Dr. Martin works with patients and athletes of all ages, from 9 to 90 and everyone in between, including professional, college and high school athletes, weekend warriors and active adults.

Dr. Martin specializes in shoulder, elbow and knee surgery. This includes shoulder replacement, reverse shoulder replacement, rotator cuff surgery, ACL reconstruction and all cartilage restoration procedures. Dr. Martin makes sure he provides patients the most advanced orthopedic and sports medicine treatments and procedures available. If you have an orthopedic-related problem or sports injury and want to get back to living your life again, schedule an appointment with Dr. Martin.

Patient Testimonials

“Life before surgery was horrible. I injured my shoulder 20 years ago playing hockey and had to completely reshape my daily routine because of it. Threading my belt through my pant loops each morning was a major challenge for me.

My recovery after surgery was everything I could have hoped for. I started by doing physical therapy twice a day in the hospital, then once a week for eight weeks, then no therapy at all. After dealing with the discomfort of my shoulder for over two decades, I was familiar with pain. Following the surgery, I only needed pain medication for two weeks. That was remarkable.

Deciding to have the surgery was an entire lifestyle change. I have more range of my motion with my left [repaired] shoulder than I do with my right one now. Don’t be afraid to make that appointment and talk to the doctor about your injury. You will spend more time and pain thinking about it than having the procedure done. I wouldn’t wait 20 years this time.”

Total Shoulder Replacement

“You have to do it the right way, the whole way,” Linsalata said. “I’m active and in a way, I’ve had no restrictions.”

Charlene Linsalata
Reverse Shoulder Replacement Patient

“He explained things, he sat down and was never in a rush. I did not feel like a number at all. The whole staff where they work is just super. If you plan on being active for the rest of your life I highly recommend Dr. Martin.”

Bill Thompson
Makoplasty Patient

“From the start, Dr. Martin was caring, listened and explained the procedure from start to finish. He was professional and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Martin highly. I went into surgery at ease and with complete confidence that Dr. Shelden Martin and his team would do an amazing Total Knee replacement, and he did. He gets an A+.”

Total Knee Replacement

“Excellent doctor and very happy I chose him to do my shoulder/rotator cuff. Fairly extensive repairs to two tendons and a lot of debriding/trimming following a bicycle crash. All went very well and rehab was right on schedule. Now back to playing golf and very happy with Dr Martin and his expertise.”

Shoulder/Rotator Cuff

“I found Dr. Martin to be one of the most professional doctors I have ever known. I was completely comfortable having Dr. Martin perform my shoulder replacement, and extremely happy with the results. It’s been 3 months since my operation and I feel wonderful. Thank you Dr. Martin!”

Shoulder Replacement


Go Where the Pros Go

Dr. Martin has vast experience providing sideline and on-field coverage for athletes of all levels. He is team physician for these organizations.

Arizona Cardinals | Arizona Diamondbacks | Arizona Rattlers | Hamilton High School