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Accurately Diagnosing Knee Pain


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Besides back pain, knee pain is one of the most common issues that most athletes face. It can come out of nowhere, and be excruciating, and many times will need a qualified Arizona orthopedic surgeon to determine the root cause. Because the knee is such a crucial joint in the body, taking on a lot of pressure and use every single day, it’s imperative that you get the proper diagnosis directed at the exact cause of the pain, and implement the best treatment options, even it that means orthopedic surgery.

Common Knee Problems

Accurately diagnosing knee problems can literally mean the difference between a lifetime of pain and suffering, and a lifetime of activities and comfort. It takes a skilled, experience Arizona orthopedic surgeon to determine the issue behind the pain – the true source of what is causing all of the suffering. Dr. Martin, a highly recognized Arizona orthopedic surgeon, is just the man for the job.

As team doctor for the Arizona Rattlers, Dr. Martin understands knee pain like few other orthopedic surgeons in Arizona. In his opinion, some of the most common issues behind knee pain are the following:

  • Dislocated Kneecap – though most often suffered by Arizona athletes, a dislocated kneecap can be excruciatingly painful, and if not diagnosed properly can lead to a lifetime of knee problems. This type of  injury is fairly easy to diagnose, however proper treatment of the exact type of dislocation by an experienced Arizona orthopedic surgeon will keep your knee fresh for many years to come.
  • Torn Ligaments – the knee consists of three main ligaments that hold everything together. The three ligaments that are quite commonly injured by athletes are the Medial Collateral Ligament, Anterior Cruciate Ligament and the Posterior Cruciate Ligament. All three can be stretched, sprain and torn. The proper diagnosis by an experienced Arizona orthopedic surgeon is paramount.
  • Cartilage Injuries – cartilage tears are quite common in both athletes and weekend warriors. The meniscus is made of cartilage and function to distribute body weight across the joints. A meniscus tear is commonly cause by trauma to the area, or from degeneration. It’s an injury suffered by all ages, and in order to accurately treat whether it’s a tear or arthritis, it’s important to sit down with an Arizona orthopedic surgeon.
  • Bursitis – If you kneel for work, are a carpenter, landscaper or gardener, this injury is quite common to your industry. This type of injury is caused by frequent pressure, force trauma, or a bacterial infection.

Of course, there’s always breaks and sprains that are associated with the knee, as well as inflammation of the tendons (tendonitis) and many other conditions associated with knee pain. This intricate and important part of the body has many functions and many facets, so it’s important that if you’re feeling knee pain you contact Arizona’s best orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Shelden Martin, today.

About Shelden Martin

I've had the privilege of working with many professional, collegiate and high school athletic teams. I am currently the head team physician for the 2012 AFL World Champion Arizona Rattlers. I have also presented research both nationally and internationally and published extensively in peer-reviewed literature.