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Who Can See A Sports Medicine Specialist?

sports medicine phoenix az

What is sports medicine? How is it really any different than any other kind of medicine? If I’m not an athlete, can I still see a sports medicine specialist in Phoenix?

Dr. Shelden Martin at OrthoArizona in Phoenix seems to hear these types of questions quite often, and it’s understandable. Sports medicine is a specialty that can be confusing to some simply because of one keyword: sports. In Arizona, Dr. Martin treats patients will all kinds of injuries, both sports-related and unrelated to sports altogether. But for the purpose of medical certifications and training, sports medicine and orthopedic surgery is his specialty.

Sports medicine is “the study and practice of medical principles related to the science of sports, particularly in the areas of sports injury diagnosis and treatment, sports injury prevention, sports training and athletic performance including exercises and workouts, sports nutrition and sports psychology,” according to

As the Team Doctor for the Arizona Rattlers, as well as an award-winning Phoenix orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Martin focuses on all medical, therapeutic, even psychological aspects of sports and physical activity. So, if you’re not an athlete but you do participate at the gym, perhaps you embark upon some running or maybe you play tennis once in a while, Dr. Martin can help you out with injuries and prevention of injuries.

Because Dr. Martin is a specialist, he received special, additional training after his medical school training at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, DC. Dr. Martin underwent a General Surgery Internship at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago, and then through Residency in Orthopedic Surgery at that same school.

However, in addition to his specialty and expert knowledge in orthopedic sugary, Dr. Martin pursued furthering his career specifically in sports medicine, which brought him to Charlotte, NC, and a Fellowship in Sports Medicine and Should, Elbow Surgery.

Dr. Martin’s Goal in Phoenix

While many Phoenix residents can easily become confused with the term “sports medicine,” assuming that Dr. Martin deals with athletes only, his goal here in Arizona is to help everyone, from professional athletes like those at the Arizona Rattlers, to weekend warriors and busy moms prevent injuries and optimize a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. If an injury does occur, whether from a hit on the football field during a professional game, or a twisted ankle from running errands, Dr. Martin’s sport medicine background means that you receive the best care in Phoenix with laser focus on a complete and quick recovery. It also means that if you do play sports, Dr. Martin can get you back into the game with little to no loss of performance.

Call Dr. Shelden Martin today for more information on his orthopedic surgery background, and his sport medicine background.

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